My Story

UMMMMMMMMMM well let me start by telling you how much i love Scentsy !!!!!!! I have been buying Scentsy for the last 6 or more years !!!!! Well on morning i woke up and said "Well why the heck am i not selling this stuff and bringing it into other peoples homes so they can love it as much as i do!!!!! "  So thats how my journey started !!!!!! I have just recently started to sell Scentsyto be exact August 3rd 2016!!!!!  And to be honest loving every minute of it :)  !!!! Just a little FYI it certainly is helping me pay for my I like to call it SCENTDICTION!!!!!!!!! Please come join me on my journey there is so much we could learn from each other and the possibilities are endless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The wonderful trips the wonderful reunions and so much more to look forward too!!!!! Wow!!!!! I just cant say enough about how happy i am i have joined the Scentsy Team !!!!! 

Thanx for your support 

Angela Garnier the SCENTAHOLIC !!!!!!